My Story

I’m traditional North Dakota through and through, and for those that don’t know that means family and faith. I’m blessed with a loving husband and two great kids who are ever supportive of my next endeavor.

My Art

There are several recurring themes that seem to show up in my work.  Among them are dogs, nature, life on the prairie, faith and music.  At its essence, my art is a reflection of all the things I value most about life in North Dakota.

And did I mention dogs, my dog Maggi is a frequent subject of my work… she poses, I paint.

Teaching & Giving Back

I’m passionate about teaching and sharing my skills.  Art is infinitely more fun when shared, and the experience of creating it is as important as the finished piece, maybe more so.  I particularly like working with kids and have found myself all over North Dakota working in classrooms with students of all ages.