“so God made a farmer”

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so God made a farmer

This is in honor of my dad,
who was 75 this August,
and still loves to be out seeding, harvesting,
and adding to his beautiful tree rows.
His grandparents bought the homestead in 1909, his father took over the farm at the age of 14.
The tradition continues, as his son works by his side and will eventually take over the farm,
a 4th generation farmer.
A proud heritage of 104 years of family farming.
(“So God made a farmer” written by Paul Harvey, 1978)


  1. This is absolutely beautiful and sooo meaningful!

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful salute to Mel.

  3. Theresa Crist says:

    Do you sell your prints? I would love to buy a “So God Made a Farmer” print. Please let me know!!
    Thank you

  4. Beautiful work of art. I was wondering if you were still painting this art piece. My family has been farming for over hundred years in Indiana. My dad passed away three years ago, so it has been five girls taking over the family business. I would love to get one of these pieces for my sister who does most of the hands on day to day jobs. I look forward to hearing back from you. You have a wonderful talent.

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